Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
City Hall, Newcastle, England
September 30, 1973

01. Intro/Vicious
02. How Do You Think It Feels
03. Caroline Says
04. I'm Waiting For The Man
05. Satellite Of Love
06. Walk On The Wild Side
07. Oh! Jim >
08. Rock 'N' Roll
09. Heroin (incomplete)
10. White Light/White Heat (incomplete)

I saw this tour in NY and even though most of the VELVET UNDERGROUND fans i knew hated the new sound-the Rock & Roll Animal LP being the hottest piece of vinyl on the market was also the best LIVE recorded album of it's time. It inspired me and many musicians trying to copy the sound and live intensity. Most of the guitar players that i knew hated Lou Reed, but they all bought this Lp and tried to copy it. Lou had no problem saying "FUCK YOU" to the music industry and sometimes you had to wonder if he wasn't saying it to everyone. I saw Lou many times during the 70's and every tour was a different look at the man and his vision of how his music should be represented. For all you history buffs- this was Alice Coopers backup band when he left for his solo career in 1975. Alice & producer Bob Ezrin used Dick Wagner a few years earlier in conjunction with the Alice Cooper Band. Peter Gabriel also used this same group as his backup band for his first solo tour. This group of musicians were known to those in the music industry as the Bob Ezrin Machine and backed so many people that one has to wonder what ever happened to all of them. By not including Lou Reed as a part of music history would be the biggest miscalculation. 36 years later this tour still kicks serious ass and stands the test of time. Lou' songs are there to be judged as you will but for as many years he has been recording and struggling with his own demons-he has not stopped telling his stories and playing. I hope that after all has been said and done-Lou gets the respect he so rightfully deserves...

......all these '73 Lou Reed shows are an education in how a great band can keep moving the music forward. Listening to Steve Hunter & Dick Wagner and the band transform Reed's stark compositions into melodic musical arrangements is a treat for the ears. If you pick a song and play that tune from each related concert in chronological order you can hear the evolution that culminated in the Rock-n-Roll Animal and Lou Reed Live albums that were recorded in NYC in December of '73. What a great sounding band!

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