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Lou Reed
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
September 30, 1972

01. White Light/White Heat
02. Lonesome Cowboy Bill
03. I'm Waiting For The Man
04. Ride Into The Sun
05. New Age
06. Walk And Talk It
07. Sweet Jane
08. Going Down
09. I Can't Stand It
10. Berlin
11. Head Held High
12. Cool It Down
13. Wild Child

A very good listenable B+ Sound Quality

I think this was Lou's first "solo" show on the European mainland. He had spent most of August and September recording and mixing the "Transformer" LP and he and the band sound a bit rusty in places here (eg they amost lose their way completely in the middle of "Lonesome Cowboy Bill"). There are no songs from "Transformer" in the set - they didn't start to appear till later in October. I think this is a really nice performance from Lou - his voice is in good condition and he puts a lot of feeling into the vocals. The Tots provide their usual enthusiastic backing.

For these early shows of the 1972 tour, Lou was mincing/tottering around the stage wearing pancake make-up, an embroidered black velvet suit and silver platform shoes. At some point in early October he dumped the velvet suit and reverted to black leather. Contemporary reviews of these shows also often refer to Bobby Resigno's striking white suit and his propensity for trying to take centre-stage.....

This is a reasonable quality stereo recording. It is a bit hissy, but it's quite listenable for an audience tape from 1972. Unfortunately, my copy is incomplete - it doesn't include the encore "Heroin" (if that song was indeed recorded at all).!lvBH1QhA!WvbFYU2lwKRLUT0HLvqZOqSy-KsccXghLrgzcAHt3yg

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