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Lou Reed
The Roxy, Los Angeles CA
1 December 1976
from vinyl source

Album Info:  "Sweet Lou" - United Records, Chicago IL in 1989
Matrix Numbers:  Side 1:  LR01 SIDE 1 L32643   Side 2:  LR01 SIDE 2 L32643X

Lineage:  Vinyl -> Technics SL-D3 (Audio Technica cart) -> Pioneer SX-1050 -> iMic (16-bit) -> .aiff -> Peak4 (for track splits & remove DC offset) -> xACT flac conversion (level 8)\

Side 1:

01 Sweet Jane
02 I Believe In Love
03 Lisa Says
04 Kicks
05 She's My Best Friend

Side 2:

01 Coney Island Baby
02 You Wear It So Well
03 Claim To Fame
04 Vicious Circle
05 Walk On the Wild Side

As for the quality of the sound, I would give it an "A-."  The original FM recording the vinyl was pressed from was a bit "dry" without a lot of frequency dynamics.  The LP has a couple nicks here and there, which led to the occasional "pop" during the transfer.  Side 2 has considerably more wear than Side 1.  Plus, there are a couple places where the tape was obviously spliced prior to laying down the vinyl that SOUND like skips, but are not.

As usual, I recorded with no additives or artificial sweeteners.  This is exactly how my LP sounds.  The fade-ins/outs are on the LP.  Until someone transfers a more pristine copy, this will have to keep you happy!

From the Rock and Roll Animal Web Page (  From a KMET-FM broadcast of the show. Longer tapes in similar quality are in circulation.

FOLDER #2 - from cassette source

Lineage:  FM-broadcast -> cassette (low gen.) -> CD-R -> .aiff -> Peak4 (pitch correction & raw track edits) -> .flac (level 8)

01 intro jam
02 sweet jane
03 i believe in love
04 lisa says
05 kicks
06 she's my best friend
07 i'm waiting for the man
08 sheltered life
09 you wear it so well

01 claim to fame
02 vicious circle
03 wild side
04 coney island baby

The sound is MUCH better than "Sweet Lou," but is not as good as "Claim 2 Fame."  A VERY long intro jam (9.5 minutes) for all you free-jazz nuts.  The pitch was in dire need of correction (way too slow), so I took care of that w/ Peak4.  By "raw track edits" I mean cutting out "noiseless" segments where the cassette was being recorded but there was no sound. 
Sounds as if the original taper was having FM reception problems. It reverts to stereo later on in the tape. But quality is at least as good if not better than the LP/CD versions, imho."

Both "Claim 2 Fame" and "Super Golden Radio Shows" are also here in the Blog. I will also put in the version with the comentator, who's speaking between some tracks. 

Alternate Sources for the same show:
CD - Claim To Fame
CD - Super Golden Radio Shows no. 026

Each source has different tracklists and track lengths than the others. This LP has the full version of "Coney Island Baby!"

This goes out to everyone at and the NEW Lou Reed forum at !!!Bn4gmK7L!tdbyw6VaSZelAYhdg5JsBjkgLZXe5MmqeQqLKVjdltg

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