Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Felt Forum, New York
26 April 1975

CD 1

01 Sweet Jane
02 I Wanna Be Black
03 Coney Island Baby
04 You Can Dance
05 Waiting For The Man
06 Heroin
07 Berlin
08 Lady Day
09 Dirt

CD 2

01 Walk on the Wild Side
02 Kicks
03 Complete The Story Now
04 Rock & Roll
05 Oh, Jim >
06 White Light White Heat

This is a very good quality audience recording of Lou live
in '75.

Part of me did feel, oh another one (and there are more
Lou concerts from the mid to late 70's that I'm
working on), but there are some great moments. Highlights
include I Wanna Be Black - an early version with a
country-soul (!) lilt to it, and You Can Dance, Complete
The Story Now, and Berlin - with flute and organ!
The quality doesn't seem quite as good in the second half,
but it's not bad either.

Samples follow in the Comments, showing After / Before /
After comparisons with the source (from an online
blog) to see if this is for you. If you don't approve of
"remastering" / remixing, whichever label you attach ,
give this a miss. Otherwise, if you like the way this
sounds, please give some feedback.


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