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This is merely a Blog for audio and video recordings of Velvet Underground (ROIO) which have not been officially released. No audio or video content is hosted here. I only provide meta information files for the ROIOs.
If you're an artist (or a legal representative of an artist or its estate) and you don't want your ROIOs shared on this Blog for free among your fans, you may opt out any time by sending e-mail to me. I will then put you in our list of not allowed artists, known as the NAB list. This will halt all sharing of your ROIOs using this Blog within minutes. BTW, the ROIOs exist, you can't make them vanish. So, why not let your fans get them for free from one another instead of having to purchase them from commercial bootleggers on auction sites?

If you download a concert
do notsell anywhere
Share it for free and always in flac or other lossless formate

Thank you very much
Every concert contains art-work in PNG 360 lossless. Some are X-Large, others fits exactly in a jewel-case

Lou Reed
Firenze, Italy
June 14, 1980

Lineage: tv or fm broadcast - ?- cd-r in trade - Nero wav - flac 6

Disc One
01   Standing on Ceremony
02   How Do You Speak to an Angel
03   Sweet Jane
04   Real Good Time Together
05   I'm Waiting For the Man
06   Coney Island Baby
07   Vicious
08   Walk on the Wild Side
09   Heroin 
Disc Two
10   The Kids
11   Caroline Says II
12   The Power of Positive Drinking
13   So Alone (snippet)
14   My Old Man
15   Keep Away
16   Street Hassle
17   Rock 'n' Roll
18   You Keep Me Hanging On

Here's another one from the 80 tour,
for all you 2 "Growing up in public" fans out there ;).
I think this is a radio broadcast. It was televised, but not "So alone" - which is on here.
Good listenable quality.
Nothing else was changed.

Sounds more like a TV to me. Track 1 has some sound problems, probably due to the age
of the tape it was recorded on. Afterwards there are only few bad spots in the tape. In the
beginning and at the end of several songs audience noise is overlayed. 'So Alone' is not even
20 seconds long and covered in audience noise.


Samstag, 12. August 2017

Lou Reed
Palasport, Genova, Italy
June 11, 1980
Soundboard, partial Show from FM Broadcast
From Master

01. Vicious
02. Walk On The Wild Side
03. Standing On Ceremony
04. Heroin (fades out*) >
      Street Hassle >
      Band Intro (fades out)

(*) Radio advertisement removed



Lou Reed
New Victoria Theater, London
April 26, 1977

Disc One
01. Sweet Jane
02. I'm Waiting For The Man
03. Rock And Roll Heart
04. Heroin
05. Rock 'N' Roll
06. Walk On The Wild Side
07. Satellite Of Love
08. Vicious

Disc Two

01. Lisa Says
02. Coney Island Baby
03. How Do You Think It Feels
04. Berlin
05. Banging On My Drum
06. Temporary Thing


I've got the original tape from the owner of the "Ostrich Magazine". It was founded im March 1977 in Düsseldorf. The curiosity of this tape is, that the whole show of the Köln performance lasted over 3 hours. The tape had only a capactiy of 90min.So when one side of the tape was recorded he turned the tape and than he turned it again and again. Lou played an over 30min version of Sister Ray which wasn't taped and so maybe these recordings are the only in existence of this performance. The sound quality is for completists and die-hard only.
If anybody has a better recording or maybe the whole performance, please seed if it's possible.

You get the music in it's original form (no correction at all) and a remastered version without all the distrtions. However, you can do your own experimentations with the recordings.

Lou Reed
Sporthalle Köln

01 How Do you Think It Feels (cuts in)
02 Lady Day (cut)
03 Kill Your Sons
04 Audience
05 Satellite Of Love
06 Walk On The Wild Side
07 Kicks (cut)
08 White Light/White Heat (tape distortion at the end)
09 White Light/White Heat (cont.tape distortion at the beginning)
10 Rock & Roll
11 Vidious (fade out)

master tape > CDR-Recorder standalone > wav > TLH > flac
including pictures of the original tape, the handwritten cassette-shell, and a review of the performance in german from the Ostrich-Magazine.


Lou Reed
Eilendreder Halle, Hannover
April 3, 1977

Disc One
01. Mic Setup
02. Sweet Jane
03. I'm Waiting For The Man
04. Rock And Roll Heart
05. Heroin
06. Rock 'N' Roll
07. Walk On The Wild Side
08. Vicious
09. Coney Island Baby
10. How Do You Think It Feels
11. Berlin
12. White Light/White Heat
13. Kicks (cut)
A little bit overmodulated


Bruce Cockburn
"Christimas Party"
Canada 1992-12-20
feat. Lou Reed, Rob Wasserman & Rosanne Cash

01 Lord Of The Starfield
02 Lovers In A Dangerous Time
03 Early On On Christmas Morn
04 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
05 We Three Kings
06 Christmas In February
07 All The Diamonds
08 Cry Of A Tiny Baby


Lou Reed
Loew's Theater, Syracuse
7 May 1975

Good quality
Taped by ODoc55 - from balcony, a Panasonic recorder onto cheap Scotch tape

01 Sweet Jane
02 I Wanna Be Black
03 Coney Island Baby
04 I'm Waiting For My Man
05 You Can Dance
06 How Do You Think It Feels
07 Dirt
08 Walk on the Wild Side
09 Kicks
10 Complete The Story Now
11 White Light-White Heat
12 Rock and Roll

Uncirculated show - this is a widened version of this concert - minor hiss and bass reduction was carried out too.


Lou Reed
Felt Forum, NYC, New York
April 26, 1975

Disc One
01. Sweet Jane
02. I Wanna Be Black
03. Coney Island Baby
04. You Can Dance
05. I'm Waiting For The Man
06. Heroin
07. Heroin (cont.)
08. Berlin
09. Lady Day

Disc Two
01. Uptown Dirt
02. Walk On The Wild Side
03. Kicks
04. Complete The Story Now
05. Rock 'N' Roll
06. Oh! Jim
07. White Light/White Heat


Lou Reed
La Salle Vallier, Marseilles, France
Mach 15, 1975

Disc One
01. Sweet jane
02. Coney Island Baby
03. New Age*
04. Waiting For The Man
05. Heroin
06. Vicious
07. Lady Day

Disc Two
01. Kill Your Sons
02. Satellite Of Love*
03. Walk On The Wild Side
04. Kicks
05. White Light/White Heat
06. Rock 'N' Roll
07. Radio JJJ Sydney, Interview
08. Radio JJJ Sydney, Pop Talks About Lou Reed

Disc 2: 7: April 05, 1995 / 8: February 22, 1996

Real nice sounding recording