Montag, 7. August 2017


Lou Reed
"European Finale '79"
National Stadium, Dublin IRELAND
April 12, 1979

01 sweet jane
02 wild side
03 looking for love
04 i'll be your mirror
05 perfect day
06 heroin
07 berlin
08 men of good fortune
09 the kids
10 the bed
11 sad song
12 street hassle
13 im waiting for the man (cut)

I'd give this a solid "B"

This is the most complete version of this concert I have found.  Funny that the only "Bells" song here is "Looking for Love," but he sings in his Bells LP-nasal whine the entire time.  I always thought his Bells-era nasal voice sounded great when matched to songs like "Looking for Love."  Can you imagine it in "City Lights?!"  I don't think so!

It's all for you, Christian!  Listening to Lou Macht Frei!
This bulls... was written by Michael, I got the tape from :-)!grxDxZ7T!LhvpexvTjbyzym7QiXAM-3CVUDafb65QwFAlgtvzWlw

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