Montag, 31. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
"Older Than Yesterday"
Torhut, Belgium
July 7, 1984

Side A
01. Sweet Jane
02. Waiting For The Man
03. High In The City
04. Down At The Arcade
05. Legendary Heart
06. There She Goes Again

Side B
01. Turn Out The Light
02. My Red Joystick
03. Average Guy
04. Walk On The Wild Side
05. Satellite Of Love

Side C
01. New Sensations
02. Sunday Morning
03. Underneath The Bottle
04. Betrayed
05. Doin' The Things That We Want To
06. Waves Of Fear

Side D
01. I Love You Suzanne
02. White Light/White Heat
03. Introduction
04. Some Kinda Love (encore Torhut)
05. Rock 'N' Roll Music (encore Werchter 8/7)
06. Kill Your Sons (encore Werchter 8/7)

This will be one of a few recordings I will upload after the
1980s "Growing Up In Public" Tour.

If you like this concert, you can remaster it and give them a bit more bass. I don't have the time to this. Sorry!!Vr5l3DRC!9mtrOb3GmkiRSsFAwmEJoOpJ3EnLEXEizmae39cHwdQ

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