Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Century Theater
Buffalo, NYC
December 8, 1973

01 Intro
02 Vidious
03 How Do You Think It Feels
04 Caroline Says
05 I'm Waiting For The Man
06 Lady Day
07 Heroin
08 Sweet Jane
09 Satellite Of Love
10 Rock & Roll
11 Sister Ray.............(21min version)

Linage: Tape in trade > CDR > flac5

Through the whole performance the drums and Lous voice are in the front, while all other instruments are in the back. Maybe the recording is a failed SBD. Sorry, but I don't know.
If anyone can balance out the voice and drums with the other instruments, it would be grat.!QnBBhBwR!QZcTS-grRQtLxBK05XJ4o5WDJQogi42B6mwrzW_5oeg

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