Montag, 31. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Paris, France
April 14, 1977

Disc One

01. Sweet Jane
02. I'm Waiting For The Man
03. Rock And Roll Heart
04. Heroin
05. Rock 'N' Roll
06. Walk On The Wild Side
07. Lisa Says
08. Vicious

Disc Two

01. How Do You Think It Feels
02. Coney Island Baby
03. Berlin
04. White Light/White Heat
05. Banging On My Drums
06. Satellite Of Love
07. Oh! Jim (missing)
08. Kicks (missing)

Lou was just over half way through his spring tour of Europe, ostensibly to promote his new Arista Records lp "Rock And Roll Heart". In typical fashion, he only plays 2 songs from that lp, and one of them is the minimalist "Banging On My Drum" - Lou's 2 min 32 sec paen to "drug masturbation". Arista were pushing Lou as the "Godfather of Punk", but Lou was streets ahead of the tame "punk movement" which the UK press was talking about.
This is a pretty mediocre recording. I'm not 100% sure that this is the correct track listing - there are breaks between some of the songs on my cassette. (It may not even be complete.) Sound quality seems to vary, song to song, and the louder sections are overloaded in places. (lurid)

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