Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Interview with John H. Tobler for Zig Zag Magazine
London, UK

Lou Reed interviewed in London by John H. Tobler for an article later published in Zig Zag Magazine.

01 The Pickwick years and the Velvet Underground
02 Lou's upcoming solo album
03 Loaded
04 The MGM years
05 Leaving the Velvets and signing with RCA
06 "Who do you listen to?"
07 Nico's solo albums
08 Angus MacLise, the Arcane Society, and channeling white light
09 Lou's lyrics
10 Production, "The Murder Mystery," "The Gift"
11 RCA, MGM, commercial success, and bad management
12 Velvet Underground album covers and songwriting credits
13 John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Andy Warhol
14 Future touring plans

Total time: 41:36

From a cassette received in trade in 1973.


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