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Lou Reed 
London 1 November 1972
"Some Kinda Love"

Mile End Sundown,London
1 November 1972

Disc 1

track 01: White Light/White Heat 4.15
track 02: Lonesome Cowboy Bill 4.37
track 03: I'm Waiting For The Man 6.31
track 04: Pale Blue Eyes 6.01
track 05: Some Kinda Love 4.43
track 06: Afterhours 3.06
track 07: Sweet Jane 5.18
track 08: Heroin 8.20
track 09: Walk On The Wild Side 7.23
track 10: I Can't Stand It 3.50
track 11: Wagon Wheel 3.34
track 12: Rock And Roll 6.45

Disc 2

track 01: Sister Ray 19.32
track 02: Sweet Jane 5.14
track 03: Heroin 8.20
track 04: Walk On The Wild Side 6.18
track 05: I'm Waiting For The Man 5.56
track 06: Rock And Roll 5.58
track 07: Some Kinda Love 4.39
track 08: Afterhours 2.31

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Vinny Laporta: guitar
Eddie Reynolds: guitar
Bobby Resigno: bass
Scottie Clark: drums

On "Sister Ray", Lou and band are joined by the
support act, Phillip Goodhand Tait, who played
piano (and harmonica?).

Apart from a break to record the "Transformer" LP
in August, Lou had been touring England and Scotland
with his New York pickup band "The Tots" since his
debut UK appearance with them at the King's Cross Cinema,
London in the middle of July. Lou had started off on
the tour wearing pancake face make-up, silver high heel
shoes and a black velvet suit with what looked like
rhinestone embroidery, but he reverted to his standard
black leather after just a few shows. Press reviews at
the time were generally favourable, although to some
extent he was playing to the converted: the majority
of the audience were diehard Velvets fans who never had
the chance to see the "original" VU.
The set at this show leaned heavily on his Velvets
back-catalogue, with only "Wagon Wheel" and "Wild Side"
from the new LP, and only "I Can't Stand It" from it's
predecessor (which had not sold well). Interestingly
"Wild Side" is immediately recognised by the audience
but there's no reaction at all to "Wagon Wheel".

All of disc 1 and the 1st track on disc 2 are a straight
transfer of a poor quality cassette of the whole show.
There are various flaws in the recording (especially on
the opening 2 songs) and a heavy dose of hiss overlays
everything but I've not tried to clean it up at all.
The remaining tracks on disc 2 are from the "Some Kinda
Love" vinyl bootleg LP which was issued in the mid 1980s.
The bootleggers obviously had access to a tape much closer
to the master, and the sound quality is very acceptable.
I wish they'd made a double LP out of the complete

This must surely be the only recorded version of
"Sister Ray" with what sounds like a harmonica solo.

distribute widely but do not sell!


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