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"...hey we're real happy to be here...we play so much
better when we know that you love us......
"Take No Prisoners" part 2......."

Lou Reed
Bottom Line, New York
01 June 1980
Late Show

Disc 1

01: Sweet Jane 5.07
02: We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together 3.58
03: I'm Waiting For My Man 3.54
04: Coney Island Baby 6.40
05: So Alone 4.26
06: Vicious 3.00
07: The Kids 5.00
08: Caroline Says 4.49
09: Heroin 10.13

Disc 2

01: Walk On The Wild Side 6.12
02: Keep Away 4.16
03: The Power Of Positive Drinking 4.13
04: How Do You Speak To An Angel?  3.56 ('s our latest hit....)
05: My Old Man 4.00
06: Street Hassle 16.49
07: Pale Blue Eyes 8.11
08: Perfect Day 5.51
(President) Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
(all-round Secretary) Stuart Heinrich: guitar synthesiser
(Secretary Of Defence) Chuck Hammer: guitar
(Secretary Of The Social Interior) Ellard "Moose" Bowles: bass
(Secretary Of War) Michael Fonfara: keyboards
(Vice President) Michael Suchorsky: drums

This show is just as powerful and passionate as
the early show from the same date. Lou's still in
a playful mood, and the band are tight as fuck.
If there were windows at the Bottom Line, they were
surely blown out by the end of this set!

1980 was a Presidential election year in the USA,
and Lou conducts a quick straw poll of the audience's
views before declaring his own candidancy for the
Presidency on the "rock and roll" ticket. He
enthusiastically goes on to nominate the band as
his cabinet. Lou's never been shy about talking
politics during US election years - listen to him
joking about Ted Kennedy during "Street Hassle"
("If I was him I would blow up the (Chappaquiddick)

This is another great low-generation stereo audience
tape, probably from the same source as the extant
recording of the early show. The audience are very
appreciative, but that only adds to the atmosphere.!Yzo0nSYJ!Iz1fZOFDkmwJhu5-iW3gzhzOd2b0Dy2Ui5O-E9tsQcc

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