Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

My 2nd idea of Cover Art

Lou Reed
Masonic Temple, Detroit
April 25, 1978

EX Quality Stereo

Download > Audacity / CD Wave [Track splitting correction ONLY] > TLH > FLAC

01 Gimme Some Good Times
02 Satellite Of Love
03 Leave Me Alone
04 I Wanna Be Black
05 Walk On The Wild Side
06 Coney Island Baby
07 Dirt
08 Sweet Jane
09 Rock And Roll  *
10 Heroin  *

(*) w/Mitch Ryder on Vocal

This show starts thus :

"ah shut up you lamey [unintelligble - he might be saying 'lame dicks'?]
f***ing Detroit. You kidding?"
"That's just to say hello.
What are you going to do when you work?"

This is a great quality recording! Almost a match for the FM recordings from this tour (San Fransisco,
Cleveland, Chicago).

I got this in a FLAC form from a Lou collector : the track splitting left a little to be desired...
tracks started a few seconds in in places, and there were .02 second gaps where the splitting had been done.
The guy who provided this confirmed it was lossless, and I've checked it is.

Where this splitting crossed actual music, I carefully repaired that (editing out the gap with CD Wave, joining
with Audacity). If the gap was in crowd noise I left it as this takes enough time as it is.

No processing has been done for this torrent aside from the editing described above.


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