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Lou Reed
Geneva University, New York, USA.
October 1976

Sony 153 & AKG mikes
Maxell tape
Transfered cassette to CD using 'stereo' - no PC involved
recorded by ODoc55

Above CD > Audacity + CD Wave (editing / track splitting ONLY, no audio processing) > TLH > FLAC

CD 1
01 Sweet Jane
02 I Believe in Love
03 Lisa Says
04 Kicks
05 Lisa Says
06 Waiting For My Man
07 Sheltered Life
08 Kids
09 Claim to Fame
10 Vicious Circle
11 Coney Island Baby
12 Rock and Roll Heart
13 Charley's Girl
14 Kill Your Sons
15 Satellite of Love

CD 2
01 How Do You Think It Feels
02 Temporary Thing
03 Rock and Roll
04 Heroin
05 Sister Ray [slows down / cuts out]

This is a great recording! Excellent stereo sound...just a little wow and flutter (speed 'wobble') creeps in
here and there (at it's worst on the last couple of tracks on CD 2), and Sister Ray gets cut off. Overall it's a
magnificient recording for it's time, or for any time for that matter - as good as many mixing desk or FM recording,
and a great 'feel' to it. Forget the dry sound of some mixing desk and certain well known tapers uploads ... this
sounds like being there!

The date is slightly puzzling...according to doc it was 30th October, but other records suggest Lou played
Philadelphia on that date. We wanted to get this online, and perhaps someone can help on the date? As
you will hear it's a great recording, and I've had upping this on my 'to do' list for a while, so here you are.

On the technical side, no audio processing was done : ODoc55 pointed out no PC was used for the transfer to disc.
To get this onto Dime, using a PC was kind of essential, but I did no audio processing : aside from noting
how precious some Lou fans can be about that, there was no need. The only work done was sorting out the track
splits, they needed some tidying up, and that was done very carefully.


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