Montag, 31. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Live At The Palladium, New York
13 November 1976

Minor hiss reduction was carried out, and the sound was widened.
Good listenable quality

01 Sweet Jane
02 I Believe in Love
03 Lisa Says
04 Kicks
05 She's My Best Friend
06 I'm Waiting For My Man
07 A Sheltered Life
08 You Wear It So Well (edit towards end)
09 Claim To Fame
10 Vicious Circle
11 Walk on the Wild Side
12 Coney Island Baby
13 Rock and Roll Heart
14 Charley's Girl
15 Kill Your Sons
16 Satellite of Love
17 How Do You Think it Feels

How Do You Think It Feels has a lot of tape 'wobble' which could be the battery running low towards the end of the recording? Particularly as it suddenly cuts out...!QngkEK6I!PovJIcIPJYdwIlIVft_sv9HZeNuRCt6lJFs60fFQCxs

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