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Lou Reed
April 16, 1978

Disc One
01. Gimme Some Good Times
02. Satellite Of Love
03. Leave Me Alone
04. I Wanna Be Black
05. Walk On The Wild Side
06. Coney Island Baby

Disc Two
01. Dirt
02. Street Hassle
03. Sweet Jane
04. Heroin

Lou Reed - guitar, vocals
Stuart Heinrich - guitar
Michael Fonfara - keyboards
Marty Fogel - saxophone
Ellard "Moose" Boles - bass
Michael Suchorsky - drums
Angela Howard, Chrissy Faith - background vocals

This is an audience recording made during one of the greatest eras in Lou's history of performing live - Spring 1978.  The band was incredibly tight and Lou had dropped any of the jazz-rock pretensions he had dabbled in over the previous year.  This is straight-up Rock power.!g64G2D7I!B0gXvZ0M_ztXWnuJt8XcKGg8S4CPKKZ9FeFNWPBnGJc

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