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Lou Reed
Olympen Theater, Lund, Sweden
February 28, 1975

" you know I've seen every two-bit movie that you've been in...."

Disc One
01. Sweet Jane
02. Coney Island Baby
03. Pale Blue Eyes
04. Waiting For The Man
05. Heroin
06. Berlin
07. Lady Day

Disc Two
01. Kill Your Sons
02. Vicious
03. New Age
04. Satellite Of Love
05. Walk On The Wild Side
06. How Do You Think It Feels
07. Kicks
08. White Light/White Heat

The Band
Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Doug Yule: guitar, keyboards (?), backing vocals
Marty Fogel: sax
Alan Freedman (?): guitar (?)
Larry Packer: violin
Michael Suchorsky: drums
Bruce Yaw: bass

(I'm crediting Mr Freedman with guitar because of a report in "Oor", January 29 1975 - in reality
I'm not sure if he ever played at any of the shows)

lineage: 1st generation MAXELL and SONY C90 cassettes - wav - flac (level 8) - you

original mono recording by Anders from Sektion E, Rad 2
uploaded to Dime February 2008 by lurid_uk

Anders managed to get a reasonable quality mono recording of this show using a portable
Phillips cassette recorder ("the cheapest model"). He later recalled in an email to me
that Lou seemed to be "stoned or drunk". Victor Bockris goes further, alleging that Lou
was taking speed intraveneously throughout this tour, visting a different "doctor" in
each country and collapsing in convulsions on several occasions.
This recording is not up to the same standard as Anders' superb stereo tape of Lou's 1977
show at the same venue, but it's still very listenable. The audience are loudly apparent
in places, often all but drowning out the starts of the songs. There's been some damage to
the master tape in a few places, but nothing too bad. There was also a cut during "Lady Day"
which I patched together.

This concert in Lund was the 2nd of four in Scandinavia and Lou could always be sure of a
good reception there. So it proved to be, and it must have been good for tour morale to
actually get some successful shows "in the can" after the disasters of the first couple of
weeks. (Reputedly, Doug actually fronted one of the German shows himself when Lou was
"incapable" but I'm not aware of any recording of that ever surfacing to prove it.)

Larry Packer was still playing violin at this stage, so he adds that little extra to the
songs - even "Vicious" is graced with a mean violin solo. His playing isn't quite up to
John Cale standards, but it makes for interesting arrangements of the songs. Lou's voice
is pretty good throughout, although he resorts to "shouting mode" a bit towards the end
of some songs ("New Age" in particular - after a fine start). The crowd are really worked
up after "How Do You Think It Feels" ends, and are still clapping enthusiastically as "Kicks"
starts. "Kicks" is hardly an "audience participation" song, but it takes the audience a
little while to realise that, and some of them persist in clapping most of the way through it.
Maybe as a result of that it doesn't quite have the impact that it usually has.....Lou seems
distracted and misses his lines in a couple of places. "Rock And Roll" may have been played
as a final encore, but it did not appear on the tapes I received.

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