Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Richard and Lisa Robinson's Apartment
New York, NY

01 Berlin (fragment)
02 I Love You
03 Wild Child
04 Ride Into The Sun
05 Lisa Says
06 She's My Best Friend
07 Hangin' 'Round
08 Walk On The Wild Side
09 The Kids
10 What Goes On/Follow The Leader

Total time: 37:58

The recording presented here is from a cassette received in trade in 1973. It's a bit longer than the boot, mostly due to the presence of a fragment of "Berlin" not included on the CD, and it has slightly better sound quality, although the analog distortion that's present on the boot is also present here--it sounds like the original recording was overmodulated.

cassette (azimuth adjusted)>CD-R>EAC>Audacity (amplify)>CD Wave>FLAC

These aren't really home recordings but the soundtrack to a videotape recorded by writer and producer Richard Robinson at his apartment. "Hangin' 'Round" and "Walk On The Wild Side" have significantly different lyrics than their later released versions. The backing vocals on "Hangin' 'Round" are by Lisa Robinson and (I think) Brigid Polk. That's the writer Richard Meltzer accompanying Lou on "Walk On The Wild Side" and "The Kids" (labeled on my tape as "I am the Water Man," although it's doubtful if that was ever actually the title of the song.)

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