Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

Lou Reed
Nizza, France
June 30, 1980

Nizza was one of the best performances Lou did in 1980. 'Pale Blue Eyes' and 'Rock 'N' Roll' are more improvisations and were played like sessions. A very fine experience to hear. The Sound quality I would rate with a B+
I got two tapes from Louis F. Schürman from germany. It was carefully restored and I seeded first on Hunger City in 2007, before the tracker crashed down.

Disc One
01. Sweet Jane
02. Real Good Time Together
03. I'm Waiting For The Man
04. Coney Island Baby
05. So Alone
06. Vicious
07. Walk On The Wild Side
08. Standing On Ceremony
09. Heroin

Disc Two
01. Love Is Here To Stay
02. Berlin
03. The Kids
04. The Power Of Positive Drinking
05. How Do You Speak To An Angel
06. My Old Man
07. Keep Away
08. The Bells

Disc Three
01. I'll Be Your Mirror
02. Band Intro
03. Pale Blue Eyes
04. Street Hassle
05. Rock 'N' Roll >
      You Keep Me Hangin' On >
      Band Improvisation >
      Rock 'N' Roll Outro

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