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Agora Theater, Cleveland
May 27, 1980
Incomplete Soundboard Recording

Disc 1

D101  Sweet Jane  4.41
D102  I'm Waiting For The Man 3.31
D103  Coney Island Baby 6.42
D104  Vicious  3.41
D105  Perfect Day 5.36
D106  Heroin  9.32
D107  How Do You Speak To An Angel? 4.19
D108  Berlin  6.23
D109  The Kids 4.53

Disc 2

D201  How Do You Speak To An Angel?  (cut) 0.30
D202  Heroin  15.23
D203  The Power Of Positive Drinking  2.30
D204  My Old Man  4.06
D205  Applause and Crowd Banter 9.08
D206  The Bells 9.18
D207  Pale Blue Eyes/Band Intro/Pale Blue Eyes (cut) 11.02

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Chuck Hammer: guitar synthesiser
Stuart Heinrich:guitar
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Ellard "Moose" Bowles: bass
Michael Suchorsky: drums

lineage: master reels > professionally transferred (unknown process & equipment) > wav > CD > EAC > wave > wavemerge > cdwave (retracked - dead air and repeat material omitted) > TLH > flac (level 8)

This seems to be a mish mash of songs: it looks as if it includes selections from both sets from the Cleveland Agora show on 27th May 1980. Whatever the source, this is another great concert from the spring 1980 US tour to support "Growing Up In Public". Quality  and performance are both superb: play this LOUD and you won't regret it.

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