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LOU REED 1974-10-27 Dayton soundboard recording

"....when you flip out on Thorazine and crystal smoke, you CHOKE like a son of a gun....."

WARNING: this is probably the best Lou Reed live recording you will ever hear - play LOUD!

Palace Theatre
27 October 1974

(with some tracks from the Felt Forum, New York, 09 October 1974)

Disc 1

D101 Tuning* 1.26
D102 Intro* 2.38
D103 Sweet Jane* 5.21
D104 Vicious* 6.26
D105 Ride Sally Ride 4.24
D106 Heroin 11.13
D107 Kill Your Sons 7.35
D108 NY Stars 5.00

Disc 2

D201 Animal Language 3.08
D202 Waiting For The Man/Sally Can't Dance 9.38
D203 Bass Solo 3.46
D204 Walk On The Wild Side* 4.26
D205 White Light White Heat 5.40
D206 NY Telephone Conversation/Goodnight Ladies 1.44
D207 Rock And Roll 12.38

Tracks D101, D102, D103, D104 and D204 are MONO soundboard recordings from the Felt Forum, New York, 09 October 1974
The remaining tracks are STEREO soundboard recordings from the Palace Theatre,
Dayton, 27 October 1974

Lou Reed: vocals. amphetamines, foul language
Danny Weiss: guitar
Prakash John: bass (definitely tracks D101, D102, D103, D104, D204 and possibly
all the others)
Peter Hodgeson (?): bass (possibly the tracks recorded at Dayton)
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Peter "Mouse" Johnson: drums

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Uploaded to Dime November 2012 by lurid_uk

The late 1974 US tour to promote "Sally Can't Dance" was Lou's amphetamine and
alcohol - fuelled assault on the unsuspecting youth of North America. The RCA
publicity machine had moved into top gear, but Lou was speeding way, way ahead
of them. While they were pushing him as a user-friendly glam-rock/white soul
superstar, he was dying iron crosses in his hair, living with a half-Mexican
transsexual called Rachel and (simulating) shooting up on stage. The new LP and
45 were being being heavily promoted via nationwide TV ads featuring our man in
trademark leather jacket, blonde hair and shades (...follow the bouncing ball
and sing along with Lou.....). Whatever RCA were doing, it worked, and "Sally"
was in the US top 10 LP chart. Lou was later quoted as saying "....I slept through
that LP - whatever they suggested I said yes....". It seemed that the further Lou
descended into self-parody, the more records he sold, and the more pressure RCA put
on him to produce even more "product". This would ultimately backfire in mid 1975,
when he vomited up "Metal Machine Music" and then had a very public breakdown during
the Australian leg of the '75 world tour. Lou wouldn't perform in public again until
late 1976.

I think this is a simply outstanding show. Lou may be out of it, but the band most
certainly are not. I love the way you can hear Lou slapping the mic stand at the end
of "Vicious". The vocals alternate between detached and manic throughout this set, but
are particularly expressive during "Kill Your Sons" (surely the best EVER live version
of this song). It's as if he's standing on the edge of a cliff and he's just about to
jump off because he KNOWS he can fly. This tour was the only outing for "NY Stars" and
"Animal Language" - these live renditions sound better than the studio versions to me.
You can hear him sneering as he spits out the words to "NY Stars". It sounds as if
someone broke a string during "Animal Language": the band start a loose jam while it's
being replaced. Lou starts vamping the words to "Waiting" during the jam, and just
continues singing it when the band move on to the "Sally Can't Dance" riff. The end
result is a unique medley of "Waiting" and "Sally" (you have to wonder how long it took
Lou to realise he was singing the wrong song - he did pretty much the same at the
Chalmette show in November, singing "Vicious" while the band played "Sweet Jane").
"White Light White Heat" is a heavy metal prototype for every late 1970s punk band.
"Goodnight Ladies" is a gas, with the whole band gathering round the microphone - you can
(just) hear someone in the background asking where the "Jacks" (Jack Daniels) is.....they
were having a good time. "Rock And Roll" is simply sublime.

The stereo recording made at Dayton was missing "Intro/Sweet Jane" and part of "Vicious"
and there was a tape break during "Wild Side": mono soundboard recordings from the New York
concert have been used to replace those songs.


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